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Dance is an integration of body and soul, this integration is known as consciousness.Dance conceals the concept of AATHMA  to PRAMAATHMA .This approach to dance leads tho the light of consciousness.Dancing for divinty id the cause where all formulated from, but dancing is more to relate yourself with god.

Dance is nothing but yoga,where we surrender our self to the unseen god.Dance which cleanses your body,remains cleansing the soul until it sustain the surrender.  This continuous process awakened approach leads to MOKSHA , This universe is always ever blooming when you look at it with a prayer, it appreciates  your needs. If you need a boon to bond yourself with the universe then dance is the perfect medium to attain it.


A School for Disciplined & committed Learning

Beginners / Advanced Level

Personality, Character, Disciplined Development

Individual / Personalized Classes on request

Indian Culture Orientation

Salangai Pooja & Arangetram for Deserving Students

Age group begins with 3 years

Dance Dramas / Stage Shows to enhance your child’s talent.

Separate Classes for special hearing challenged children


Bharatanatyam is a major form of Indian classical dance that originated in the state of Tamilnadu. It is one of eight forms of dance recognized by the Sangeet Natak Akademi and it expresses South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas, particularly of Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism.

Our Bharathanatyam Centers in Chennai

United India Nagar, Chennai - 600 023.

Kannadasan Nagar

Abirami Avenue, Chennai - 600 118.

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